Mediccinet™ Database

The Mediccinet™ database is the nerve centre of our system. This database which is accessible via the Internet for authorised people stores the logistical information about all smart devices in the field as well as keeping track of the user and product IDs. The DataTaker™ accesses the database when it is handing out smart devices to subjects and uses the stored information to program the devices. Similarly when the DataTaker™,  MediScan™ or MediApp™ read a smart device the data received can be sent to this database. The database can also generate and transmit patient reminders and medication leaflets.

Mediccinet™ stores the software which authorised users can download for their DataTaker™, smart phones or PCs.

In addition Mediccinet™ takes care of user management and assigns user names and passwords to authorised users.

Data stored in the database can also be accessed via a web interface application on a PC or smart phone by authorised users. In this way the data stored can be searched, viewed in detail, printed and analysed.

The Mediccinet™ database can be coupled with existing product databases.

There are a number of different levels of authorisation so that the user only gets to view the data that they are authorised to view.


  • Receives patients compliance data from Smart packages
  • Generates and transmits reminders to patients Smartphones – eNotifications
  • Generates and transmits medication leaflets to patients Smartphone – eLabel
  • Programmable patient medication regimens
  • Secure connection with  the MediApp™, MediScan™ and DataTaker™
  • Centralised database for PC and smart phone apps and  DataTaker™ software
  • Secure login for authorised users via web interface application
  • Various levels of authorisation
  • Logging of all smart devices in the field
  • Logging of all app and software downloads
  • Logging of all subjects and products
  • User/password management features
  • Web interface application for displaying, analysing and printing data
  • Can be linked with other databases