Any standard medicine vial can be enabled to carry out electronic therapy compliance monitoring. Electronics incorporated in the vial cap detect when the vial is opened and the date and time of opening are stored.

ECCT’s SmartVial solution includes the following features

  • Vial authentication: Digitally verify that a vial is genuine, anywhere and at any time, with a single tap of an NFC phone
  • Tamper detection: Detect whether a vial has been interfered with or opened prior to the delivery (refill fraud).
  • Authentication for the distribution chain: Since each product can be assigned a geographic area and distributor, brands can verify the authenticity of the supply chain and detect any market or channel diversion.
  • Real-time location monitoring: Information about location, time, and actions, based on unique tag identifiers, enables rich data analytics in the cloud. Brand owners can identify clusters of counterfeits or tampering, and groups of products at a wrong location, to take corrective action.

The SmartVial data can be read out using NFC (Near Field Communication) readers and NFC enabled smart phones with one of our apps. The data read from the SmartBottle can be viewed locally on the smart phone or NFC reader. This data can also be sent to our compliance database Mediccinet™  for storage or further analysis.